Serbia Has Risen To Top Of World Rankings

A new number one has been established atop the Women’s Volleyball FIVB World Ranking. The just concluded FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship 2022 was won by Serbia, making them not only the winners of the tournament but also the team with the highest ranking in the world moving forward.

At the beginning of the competition in the Netherlands and Poland in 2022, Serbia was ranked fifth. However, as they went on to defend their championship without suffering a single loss, they climbed all the way to the top of the list, adding as many as 68 points to their total score. It was the greatest jump of any of the teams that took part, both in terms of their rank and the number of points they earned.

It is interesting to note that despite winning 11 games in a row and being on the verge of winning their 12th game in a row on Saturday in the match for the gold medal, Serbia was still only ranked third in the chart. Brazil, one of the other finalists, was in first place, and Italy, which won the bronze medal, was in second place. However, the victory over the team ranked number one in the world in straight sets moved the nation from southern Europe to the very top, giving them 393 points and a two-point lead over Italy, who are the defending champions of the Volleyball Nations League and European championships.

In the beginning of the World Championship, Brazil and Italy were ranked second and third, respectively. However, as the tournament progressed, Brazil and Italy switched places, while the United States slid to fourth place.

During the World Championship, Poland and Canada were able to achieve the next highest jump in the rankings for themselves, respectively. Both Poland and Canada moved up three spots as a direct result of their performances at the event, with Poland entering the top 10 and Canada moving into 14th place.

As a result of their performances at the Netherlands-Poland 2022 Championship, four additional competitors in the World Championship advanced their positions. The positions of Japan, Belgium, Puerto Rico, and the Czech Republic all moved up by one spot, respectively, to the sixth, eleventh, seventeenth, and eighteenth places.

The teams of China, Japan, Türkiye, Russia, and the Dominican Republic, in that order, complete the top 10 behind the United States of America, which is rated fourth, and Poland, which is placed tenth.

The worst falls were sustained by Kazakhstan and Croatia, who both went winless at the World Championship and dropped seven places as a result. The position of the European team dropped from 20th to 27th, while the Asian team dropped from 39th to 46th. It was Croatia and Cameroon that caused the most harm to their record in terms of points lost, with 36 points each, followed by the United States of America with 31 points.

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