Matthias Mayer Took First Place In The Men’s Super G

After today’s men’s Super G race on “The Rock,” a new chapter in skiing history has been penned. Matthias Mayer, a skier from Austria, became the first male skier in history to win three Olympic gold medals in consecutive games when he won the men’s Super G competition and won gold.

As a result of his victories in the downhill competition at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and the Super G competition at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, the reigning Olympic Super G Champion successfully defended his title.

Regarding his strategy for the race, he said, “I tried to push as hard as I possibly could.” I watched (Aleksander Aamodt) KILDE’s run on TV at the beginning of the race, and it was incredibly impressive, so I knew that I had to give it my best. I gave it my all up until the final gate, and I’m glad I did because I got through.”
“That’s such a great success, I can’t imagine right now,” said the skier after learning that he had become the first male skier to win three Olympic gold medals in consecutive Games.

Ryan Cochran-Siegle (USA), who was following Mayer down the track, was getting close to the finish line and could almost taste victory. After a fantastic performance, the American athlete crossed the finish line only 0.04 seconds behind Mayer to earn his first-ever Olympic medal and his podium finish of the season. Mayer was the winner of the race.

On his performance, he said, “I was just believing everything I’ve been through, and knowing I’m a good skier, trusting that, and realizing there are so many fantastic skiers this year, so to come here you have to put it on the line.”

I skied with a lot of aggression and risk, and I also channeled my good skiing abilities from within myself. And when you put everything else into consideration, the day turned out to be a fairly fun one.”

When asked about competing in the Olympic Winter Games, one participant said, “As athletes, you want to be able to execute on race day and that’s half the battle.” It’s part of what makes snowboarding such a great sport to participate in, as well as a tough one; you have to be able to push beyond obstacles in order to continue riding, and you have to be able to enjoy the slopes, the snow, and truly just accept them for what they are. Because of this, occasions of this kind are elevated to a level of unparalleled significance.

Regarding the fact that they were all skiers in their family: “I always hold where I come from on my shoulders.” I am well aware that there are a great number of children of the same age as I was when I was young. I just have one simple goal in mind for today’s race: to encourage the young participants to pursue their ambitions in life in the same way that I have been able to. Undoubtedly, this is a momentous occasion.

On what he has learned from his mother Barbara Ann COCHRAN (USA), who won gold in the Olympic slalom in 1972: “I’ve raced enough Olympic races at this point that I think I understand in a manner what it takes.” You have to have everything dialed in, and your mind has to be in the right place to be able to go out there and push. “Over the years, my mom has given me a lot of guidance, and I’ve been able to channel that counsel, and it’s added up to now.”

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (NOR), who had already won three of the season’s five Super G events, was considered one of the clear favorites going into today’s race. The Norwegian finished third, just 0.42 seconds behind Mayer, to win his very first Olympic medal. He had to make up some time on the latter portion of the course.

When asked about his strategy for the race, he said, “My plan when I went into the race was just to ski the best I can, ski the way I’ve done all season long.” I succeeded much beyond my expectations. That was very enjoyable. I lost a little bit of speed on the lower part when I lost maybe half a second, but all in all I’m happy.”

The Swiss team of Marco Odermatt and Beat Feuz did not have any luck in today’s race. Both Odermatt, who was considered to be one of the favorites heading into the event, and Feuz, who won the silver medal in the Super G competition in 2018, were unable to complete their runs.

When it got close to the conclusion of his run, Odermatt said that skiing out was “a mistake.” Everything was put to the test. I took the risk that was absolutely necessary to have the opportunity for a medal, but when it came down to the wire, it was too much.

I was doing so well up until that point, but I made a single error, and now I’m out of the race. Definitely not what I was expecting, a DNF (did not complete), but that’s the way things turned out. If you don’t take any chances, you might finish fourth, and it won’t make you happy either.

It’s the Olympics, where the only thing that matters is winning a medal, so perhaps you’re willing to take a little more risk than you normally would. When it comes to the World Cup, finishing fourth or fifth can get you some valuable points; yet, in this competition, those places don’t matter at all.

The 2021 Super G World Champion, Austria’s Vincent Kriechmayr, had a solid performance in today’s race but fell short of a podium finish by 0.34 seconds. Despite this, he offered some really encouraging comments to his compatriot who was also from Austria.

In reference to his Austrian teammate Matthias Mayer, who won his third Olympic gold medal, the winning statement was made as follows: “He won the race on the flat part of the race.” At the last split, he was two-tenths of a second behind Alex (Aamodt Kilde (NOR)), and he made a superb flat part.

Congratulations are in order for Matthias, as he has earned the title of Mr. Olympic.
“What a wonderful human being. It’s great for him, and it’s great for Austria, but of course, now I’m thinking about my race, and it’s not great enough. I had a strong performance, but unfortunately, it wasn’t quite good enough. Attempting to win a medal was one of my primary objectives, but I was unsuccessful.

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