Canada’s Biggest Donation To Alpine Skiing

Timothy Dattels, the chair of the Board of Alpine Canada, provided the organization with a donation of CAD 1.3 million, which is equivalent to €965,000.

This is the single largest donation made by an individual to Alpine ski racing in the history of Canada.

The Alpine, Para Alpine, and Ski Cross teams from Canada achieved their greatest finishes in almost a decade’s worth of competitions last season, and they are seeking to build on that momentum moving into the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

It is anticipated that this donation will be of assistance. Alpine’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Therese Brisson, stated that in order for Canadian athletes to be able to compete with the best in the world, particularly at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, they require constant and heightened support throughout their whole journey. “Because of Tim’s leadership and this one-of-a-kind gift, we feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation.

“I know Tim is hopeful that this will motivate more Canadians to join #CANskiteam and stand together with our athletes as they pursue podium accomplishments on a global scale. It is a game-changer for Alpine Canada’s athletes, teams, and coaches.”

“This gift from Tim Dattels is transformational for ski racing in Canada and a clear endorsement of the sport’s bright future in our country,” said Jacqueline Ryan, chief executive of the Canadian Olympic Foundation and chief brand and commercial officer of the Canadian Olympic Committee. “This gift from Tim Dattels is a clear endorsement of the sport’s bright future in our country.”

This gesture is incredibly motivational, and it will assist a large number of athletes as they pursue their aspirations of competing for Canada on the international stage and in the Olympic Games.”

Alpine Canada released a five-year strategy plan in September 2021 titled “Made for Canada – The Future for Ski Racing in Canada” with the goal of becoming one of the finest ski-racing nations in the world. This plan stated Alpine Canada’s intention to do so.

In the following two iterations of the Olympic and Paralympic competitions, the strategy hopes to propel the nation to the top of the medal tally in the Alpine, para Alpine, and ski cross competitions.

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